Olivia and the others...


Olivia is a sweet girl who cares about others more than herself. She wants to get better but she doesn't want to lose the girls. Violet is really cool rebellious teenagers. Samantha is a royal bitch, she's inmature, and sometimes dangerous, jelousy and envy all the way, but she's actually cool when you get to her good side, and you're lucky enought to stay there. Grace is a cutter, she hates almost everyone and she wants to drive Olivia crazy, she doesn't want to dissapear, so she doesn't want Olivia to get better, she is really depressed and sad all the time. Emily is just like a little girl, always smiling, no worries, up to play all the time, and have fun, she showed up after a big breakdown Olivia had a couple of months ago. Jody is the centered one, always knows what to say very mature and good listener, enjoys music from the seventies mostly rock and punk and she wants nothing but Olivia's safety.

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